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What To Do If Your House Is Flooding

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Coming home to a flooded house is a fear of many homeowners, and lots of us have experienced it for ourselves. There’s nothing worse than wading through inches of water in your basement or sorting through water-damaged boxes in your storage room after a flood — but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. At Wall 2 Wall Restoration, we’ve been providing restoration services in the region for years, and we’ve helped many families get back on their feet after disaster strikes. Contact our local restoration company for a free estimate, or continue reading to learn what to do if your house is flooding.

Stop The Water At The Source

The first thing to do if you notice that water is collecting in your home is to stop the water at the source, if possible. For example, if it’s raining outside and the drain in your exterior basement stairwell is clogging up, go outside and remove the gunk so the rain water can flush down the drain. Or, if your window wells are filling up and leaking around the window panes, roll up a towel and wedge it in the windowsill to soak up the water, then get a bucket and clear out the water when it stops raining. Of course, these are only temporary solutions, and more serious dilemmas like burst pipes and sewage leaks will require professional water extraction and restoration services.

Turn Off Electricity

If your home has flooded and there are more than a few inches of water in your house, do not walk through the water. It’s important to turn off the electricity in your house if standing water comes into contact with electrical outlets, as this can pose a danger to you and your family. If you can’t get to the fuse box without stepping in the water, it’s best to play it safe and call a water restoration company so they can extract the water safely.

Evacuate The Premises

There are many hidden risks with standing water in flooded homes, so if the situation is severe, it’s best to get out of the house. Then, once you’re safe and dry, call for help. The best restoration companies will provide 24-hour service, so you should be able to get a hold of a restoration contractor no matter when you call. Explain the situation to them and arrange for water remediation services to mitigate any damage that occurred during the flood. You’ll also need to keep your home insurance company or landlord in the loop during the water remediation. If anyone is injured, call 911 right away.

Hire A Local Restoration Company In Fort Smith

There is only so much you can do to save your property during a flood if you don’t call in the experts. At Wall 2 Wall Restoration, our water restoration contractors have been serving the local community for years, and we take pride in our fire and water restoration services. If you are the victim of a house flood, follow these steps and get in contact with our team right away for professional restoration services. We’re available 24 hours a day and serve homes throughout Northwest Arkansas.

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