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Mold Remediation Barling OKAt Wall 2 Wall Restoration, our mold damage company's primary goal in mold cleanup is to determine what the root cause of the mold damage is. Our mold damage contractors work to identify the source of moisture that is allowing the mold to grow, determine how bad your mold problem is, and then fix the problem via a professional mold removal service. Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that is present everywhere in nature, including your house. When normal mold levels become out of balance, health issues and structural decay will begin to wreak havoc on your home or business.

Immediate Mold Removal Services in Barling

Wall 2 Wall Restoration understands the need for quality mold remediation, which is why our mold removal company has taken the time to make sure our immediate response team is properly trained and equipped with the latest procedures and tools to handle the mold problem in your home. We are the first choice mold removal contractors for Barling OK when it comes to crawlspace mold remediation and other mold removal services.

Mold Inspection and Testing

Our mold testing company is also certified in mold inspection and testing throughout Barling and the surrounding area. If you need mold cleaning, or if you are experiencing one or more possible mold health symptoms, your home or workplace should be carefully and thoroughly mold inspected and tested all around by one of our certified mold inspectors. We provide you with the mold inspection and the tests needed to make sure you are free of mold.

In some situations, a health concern suggests that the mold species need to be identified. We thoroughly inspect and test the home or building in question. As certified mold specialists, we develop a strong and comprehensive mold treatment plan with a realistic estimated remediation budget for taking care of any mold problems.

The Dangers of Toxic Mold

We understand the serious health risks associated with mold growth in your home or workplace. Mold not only poses a threat to the structure of your property, but it also releases allergens and toxic substances into the air that can harm you, your loved ones, and your pets.

Toxic black mold, in particular, is known to cause a variety of respiratory symptoms, such as chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes and nose and throat, rashes, fatigue, and headaches. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's important to act quickly and get professional black mold remediation services. Delaying black mold removal can make your health problems worse and put your family at risk. Don't wait, call Wall 2 Wall Restoration today and protect your health and home from toxic black mold.

Things To Do After You Discover Mold Damage

  • Call Wall 2 Wall Restoration (479) 252-6650 for mold cleanup services.
  • Identify the source of the damage or moisture problem and fix it.
  • Assess the size of the mold problem and note type of mold damaged materials.

Things Not To Do After You Discover Mold Damage

  • Do not attempt to clean or remove mold with bleach or other biocides. Bleach does not get rid of mold. It just removes the color and hides it.
  • Do not paint or caulk over moldy surfaces
  • Do not touch mold or mold-damaged areas with bare hands, as this will cause it to become airborne.
  • Do not turn on fans where mold is present.
  • Do not disturb the mold or structural materials containing mold. This will cause mold spores to escape into other areas of the structure and potentially cause even more mold damage.

Our Barling Mold Remediation Process

Mold Testing/Sampling

Our mold services start with mold detection in your home. When you call Wall 2 Wall Restoration, we will bring in a professional industrial hygienist to perform mold assessments and test the air and mold within your home or business. The sampling will then be sent to a lab to determine the type of mold and how it has affected certain areas in the structure. The industrial hygienist, along with our mold cleanup company, will develop protocols and identify the scope of the mold mitigation project to effectively rid your property of all mold and mold spores and to ensure that it is safe to live or work in.

Mold Removal Fort Smith AR


Since mold travels via airflow, it is vital that the area where our mold cleanup services are taking place is properly contained, and that negative airflow is maintained to ensure that mold spores do not travel to other areas of the structure.

Mold Removal

Porous, mold, or sewage-contaminated materials will be removed, placed in plastic bags, and disposed of properly during our mold removal process. Proper documentation of any materials will be conducted for potential insurance claims. Carpet and padding in affected areas will be removed, along with drywall/sheetrock and insulation.


The remaining non-porous materials will be HEPA vacuumed to remove visible mold. Specialized mold cleanup equipment and chemicals will be utilized to clean and remove remaining mold and mold spores. Mold repairs will be done to remove mold in upholstery, furniture, carpets, and drywall.  The final step will be to HEPA vacuum the flooring remove any remaining dead mold spores.

Final Testing

Finally, a post-clearance mold testing will be performed by an independent, third-party industrial hygienist to ensure that the home or business is safe to inhabit once again. When you are in need of mold damage repairs, The search for mold companies near you is over. Call (479) 252-6650 today and get rid of the mold threat. It is our commitment to treat your family like our own!

Your Barling Mold Removal Company

Our commitment to excellence in mold remediation is unmatched. We use only the best practices and techniques in removing mold from your home, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our team won't leave until the mold removal process is fully completed and the affected areas have been properly sanitized and disinfected. You don't need to search for "mold companies near me" anymore, as we're here to help eliminate mold in Barling AR.

Mold is known to grow on a variety of organic materials, including cotton, leather, paper, and wood. It can also thrive in dark and moist areas of your home, such as attics or crawlspaces, feeding off of food and grease. If you've noticed mold damage anywhere in your home or if you can detect an unpleasant mold odor, don't hesitate to call Wall 2 Wall Restoration. With many options to choose from among Barling mold removal contractors, we're grateful for the opportunity to serve as your trusted mold remediation company.

We provide services throughout Barling AR and the surrounding areas, including 72923, 72941.

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